GADGETS by Gregg Ellman :: May 19, 2021

It wasn’t that long ago where video security doorbells were considered an advanced, high-tech gadget requiring professional installation. While they still are high-tech, products like the Ezviz DB1C show how easy it is to add a much-needed layer of security.

The Ezviz DB1C connects to your existing doorbell wiring. And before you think “why isn’t it battery-powered”, having it wired directly ensures that the camera is always powered.

The ease of use, with a simple installation, is what typically makes a product like this a make or break in my world and the Ezviz DB1C is exactly that. It’s straight-forward to connect but if you aren’t secure doing any kind of an electrical connection, find a neighbor or professional electrician.

A feature of Ezviz DB1C that stood out is the Wi-Fi connection to dual-band WIFI of both 2.4GHz and 5GHz. If the router is close, a 5GHz frequency connection provides a faster speed at the shorter range.

The 2.1mm, f2.4, view angle lens provides a 170-degree vertical field of view in 1080p HD. When the doorbell button is pressed, it initiates a notification to the Ezviz app on the user’s smartphone. From there you’ll see who is at the front door along with two-way audio communication.

Another great feature, which was easy to test is the new Ezviz AI algorithm allowing the DB1C to send alert notifications only when people are detected. The American flag outside my front door has always been a problem for doorbell cameras until now. The new algorithm didn’t send alerts for the flag blowing in the wind.

It’s in your control what the camera detects with the settings for motion alerts in the app. The app manages and controls all Ezviz products including indoor and outdoor security cameras.

A built-in microSD slot supports your memory cards up to 256 GB of recorded content. Video and images can be stored in the Ezviz Encrypted Cloud with different payment plan options available to store up to 30 days of video history.

As stated by Ezviz, the data transmission between the camera and the Ezviz Cloud is encrypted from end to end using AES 128 bit encryption, TLS encryption protocol, and multiple authentication steps.

Measuring 5.05-by-1.82-by-0.76-inches, the DB1C video doorbell has a built-in speaker, white faceplate, and an IP65 water-resistant rating, so it can withstand outdoor mounting. Night vision captures content up to 16 feet away. The DB1C is also compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Mounts, drill bits, anchors, and even a screwdriver are included; the only item you’ll need is a drill. $79.80

Jabra’s USB Evolve2 30 office headset is easy to use with a plug-and-play setup, reasonably priced, and with great sound quality, which is no surprise from a Jabra product.

The lightweight ergonomically designed and corded headset is available in USB-A or USB-C connectivity choices. Each noise-isolating soft memory foam ear cushion has a 28mm speaker inside and an angled design to help block background noise while wearing in comfort.

Both the headset and a slider boom microphone are built with reinforced steel and have two-microphone call technology, which adds up to your voice being heard crystal clear. It rotates to whatever angle works best and when it’s not needed, slide it angled up parallel with the headset.

The mic worked great on both desktop and laptop testing. With the laptop, I took it mobile walking inside and out on a call without any drop in clarity.

An integrated busy red light on the right ear cup turns on automatically when you’re on a call, essentially creating a do not disturb sign. The light can also be put on manually without being on a call and the light also flashes when a call is coming in.

The USB connection wire and the microphone boom are on the right ear, with a three-way control button for music controls. Another button is for answering calls and instant access to Microsoft Teams notifications.

The Evolve2 30 is built for an office environment, but when the workday is done, the Evolve2 30 with a weight of just 4.4-ounces, works perfectly as a wired stereo headset.

When purchasing you’ll have a choice of getting the Evolve2 30 optimized for Microsoft Teams or unified communication. Speakers can be ordered as mono for $89.99 or stereo ($99.99). A soft pouch is included.

by Gregg Ellman

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