GADGETS by Gregg Ellman :: July 7, 2021

People are traveling again, ensuring that portable power is needed. And just in time for the summer season, LinearFlux has launched the HyperCharger XX, an 8-in-1 power solution.

Inside is 10,000mAh of rechargeable power to produce up to 15 watts of wireless charging, or with direct charging cables to the battery’s ports. It measures 5.5-by-2.75-by-0.75-inches, and weighs just 9 ounces, so talking it along is not a burden. 

As for some of the $59.99 battery’s feature, along with Qi-wireless charging (assuming your device is compatible), USB-C charging with PD, USB-A with QC3, and built-in magnetics keep smartphones wirelessly charging in place, 

Included are alignment plates, enabling the HyperCharger XX to be mounted to smartphones, as well as any desk or car magnetic mount. For power-hungry devices such as laptops, it delivers 20 Watts of PD charging power. 

A handy feature for those on-the-go lets the HyperCharger XX simultaneously charge phones and the charger itself, so when it is plugged in at night, everything is fully powered and ready to go by morning.

An LED display keeps you aware of the battery’s remaining power. When fully charged, HyperCharger XX will supply up to five full charges for many portable gadgets.

LinearFlux has also released the HyperSonic DX High-Performance True Wireless HD Headphones with Qi-wireless charging. 

The HyperSonic DX features a wireless charging storage case, a comfortable ergonomic fit with the included four anti-microbial ear tips, sound great, and the best part is the affordable price of $49.95. Controlling them is easy with responsive on-ear touch controls, including play, pause, volume, answering calls with the built-in microphones, and track selections.

Five minutes of changing in the storage case will deliver up to one hour of play. A total of 18 hours of playtime available when starting off with the true wireless earbuds and the charging case charged up.

The true wireless earbuds have voice recognition to work with Apple Siri and Android Assistant. They broadcast voice prompt alerts when the power is on, off, calls come and go and my favorite “Call Rejected.”

They are built with passive noise cancellation and an IPX6 water-resistant rating but can’t be submerged in water for swimming, showers or any other submersion. 

Moshi’s new Sette Q dual wireless charging pad 15 W is a wireless charging problem solver.

With Qi-wireless charging becoming more common with smartphones, earbuds, and other accessories, they need a wireless home to charge. The Sette Q takes care of two devices with a dual charging matt for wireless charging a pair of devices simultaneously.

The Sette Q also reduces desk clutter with the single charging pad equipped with a pair of internal 15-watt Q-coil charging modules to support the latest Qi EPP protocol for fast wireless charging. Moshi states the wireless charging works with smartphone cases up to 5 mm thick.

Each module can provide up to 15 W of power to compatible devices for worry-free fast-charging.

The Sette Q has a fabric exterior with a non-slip surface, charging spot indicators, and two USB ports. One USB-C (cable included) for connecting it to a power source and the other is a 5 W USB-A port, for ‘daisy chain’ charging other non-wireless charging gadgets. And all the charging can be done at once. $89.95

Another charger worth mentioning since it has a summer appearance is the iCharge-it portable Pineapple Power Bank.

It’s lightweight and built with 5000mAh of portable power. A pair of non-abrasive steel discs are included to stick on the back of your smartphone case. This connects with the battery, which has the matching steel disc centered on the back of the Pineapple Power Bank case, (within a pineapple) to activate the charging. 

While the hand-finished Pineapple charm has no bearing on the charging, it does make for one of the more attractive portable batteries available. A USB cable is included for a direct wired charging connection.

A recent email from iCharge-it stressed not to apply the steel disc directly to your phone but to make sure if the phone is wirelessly capable, to attach it to the outside of the case. $39.99

by Gregg Ellman

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