Xencelabs Expands Its Product Line with Pen Tablet Small

New compact drawing device gives artists and designers more options 

for expressing their creativity and streamlining project workflows

Portland, OR, Sept. 8, 2021 Xencelabs Technologies Ltd. is announcing the availability of its Pen Tablet Small, a compact opaque tablet designed for a range of professional creative applications. The new device joins the recently launched Pen Tablet Medium as part of the new company’s rapidly expanding product line, giving artists and designers even more options when choosing tools to fit their individual workflows and personal styles.  

The Pen Tablet Small is nearly 2/3 the size of the Medium, with the entire device almost fitting entirely within the Medium’s drawing surface. Like its predecessor, the new product was developed through close collaboration with creative professionals – photographers, illustrators, designers and VFX production artists – to develop a digital tablet closely matching the traditional hand-drawing experience. The result is a professional design alternative ensuring the optimal mix of comfort, customization, ergonomics, intuitive use and compatibility with different devices and operating systems.

“Our approach in developing Pen Tablet Small was the same as it’s been since the day our company launched,” said Alexa Matteri, marketing manager at Xencelabs. “We will continue to design tablets that creatives can adapt to their needs and physical preferences. Artists all have their unique preferences and physical characteristics. Pen Tablet Small is all about choice and flexibility.” 

Certain customer types may find the compact device appealing due to its smaller size and increased portability. This new tablet is optimal for creating graphics layouts or when graphics editing involves control points, transformation handles or filters.  The tablet is also useful in a photographic editing workflow. People who have a smaller drawing stroke (from the wrist with less arm movement) may also prefer a smaller tablet.

Other uses for this type of tablet include non-traditional applications like writing and mathematics or educational settings, especially in distance learning applications. 

Pen Tablet Small users may also include those with a high need for mobility, limited desk space or a computer screen size smaller than 20 inches (the tablet’s mapping ratio is sufficient for precision and provides a good screen-to-tablet ratio for drawing strokes).

A small tablet is also suitable for working with desktop apps as a navigation (not drawing) tool since artists also need to do email, word processing and other common work functions. The smaller tablet can complement the Pen Tablet Medium as a secondary device and may also appeal to price-sensitive users such as students or entry-level professionals. 

Key attributes of Xencelabs tablets:

Both the Pen Tablet Medium and Small are the results of Xencelabs’ thoughtful and iterative design process to ensure each product includes the major features and even the subtle touches necessary to foster creative expression:

  • Artists often work in darkened environments where lights can be distracting. All the lights on Xencelabs products can be dimmed or turned off, and corner lights can be assigned different colors and tied to the application in use. This is helpful for reminding artists that their settings may have changed when they change applications. 
  • Customers often place their tablet at the top of their Mac laptop’s keyboard. Our small tablet fits perfectly in that space.
  • Creative pros typically work long hours under tight deadlines. Xencelabs products are designed for comfortable use over long periods. 
  • Many artists alternate between several projects at once, or freelance in addition to their main job, making portability a priority. The Xencelabs tablets are great travel companions as they are light and come with a quality carrying sleeve. 

Pricing and Availability

The Xencelabs Pen Tablet Small standard version is available for $199.99.

The Quick Keys remote control option can be purchased separately for 89.95.



Xencelabs – Together We Create

XENCELABS is a company paving a new path with innovative professional digital design tablets. We are a group of digital design veterans with decades of industry experience, passionate about creating the best digital design solutions. We work in partnership with artists to develop intuitive tools to be a natural extension of the creative process. 

For further information, please contact:

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