Grab Your Gear – September 2021

Apple’s recent iPhone 13 announcement puts the latest and greatest technology in the palm of your hands, but unfortunately it will take a tumble or two. 

What makes the new iPhone 13 different from the previous iPhone 12 is 0.01 of an inch, which lets you go iPhone case shopping. More specifically, the iPhone 12 is 5.78-inches high, 2.82-inches wide, and 0.29-inches deep. Compare that to the new iPhone 13 with a 5.78-inch height, 2.82-inches wide but a whopping increase up to 0.30-inches deep.

So you see in the increase of 0.01-inches is why iPhone accessory companies are on top of their game with new ready to fit the iPhone 13. Will the older iPhone 12 case fit? I have no idea since I haven’t seen the new one but it’s more fun to get new anyway so here are few that caught my attention.

Austin, Texas-based Smartish has been a leader with new and cool stuff, right on the heels of every iPhone announcement. Smartish is out with new colors, MagSafe compatibility and some useful accessories.

Smartish’s popular case, Kung Fu Grip, has been reborn as the Gripmunk. It’s designed for those who don’t want a case but know they will need the protection. The gripping case is available with and without the Apple MagSafe features and includes protective corner air-pockets and a design that elevates the smartphone’s screen off flat and rough surfaces. 

Gripmunk ($19.99)  colors include Blues on The Green, Black Tie Affair, Flavor of the Month, Chef’s Special, You’re Just Jelly, and Nothin’ To Hide. The non-MagSafe version ($14.99) includes Black Tie Affair and Nothin’ to Hide.

The Smartish slim Wallet Slayer Vol. 1 ($19.99) holds a driver’s license, credit card and some green dollar bills securely in one place tucked in right against your phone. It’s built with a durable construction and available in Blues on the Green, Black Tie Affair, You’re Just Jelly, Flavor of the Month, Chef’s Special, and Freshly Baked colors.

The Wallet Slayer Vol. 2 takes it a step further, holding the same as Wallet Slayer Vol. 1 but adds high-grip textured sides and a credit card kickstand for hands-free video watching. Vol. 2 ($24.99) is available in Blues on the Green, Black Tie Affair, Flavor of the Month, Chef’s Special, and Freshly Baked.

What every smartphone owner needs are a Smartish Crown Joule charging cable ($19.99). The all-in-one multiverse cable features a USB-A connection on one end and three different attached connections on the other. This includes Apple MFi certified Lightning, USB-C, and micro-USB for charging cables, smartphones, and other small electronics.

The 6-foot cable is built with a durable long-lasting fabric, reinforced strength, and includes a lifetime warranty. Colors include No. 2 Pencil Gray, Lightly Toasted Beige, I’m Blushing, and Teal Me More. Lightning to USB-C, USB-C to USB-C, and Lighting to USB-A are also available with a strong construction design and funky colors. 

Catalyst has launched drop-proof protective case for the new iPhone 13, which include active Defense Influence and Vibe Cases

The Active Defense Influence Case ($39.99) features a fingerprint-free frosted back and is drop-proof to 10 feet. A built-in magnet produced a 10-minute faster charge time in Catalyst testing compared to a non-cased iPhone.

A textured carbon fiber pattern is featured on the Vibe Case ($49.99) for style and functionality.  For the iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max, a new Battleship Gray is available.

Both cases have 2.5x higher drop protection than military standards, are designed with a forward audio feature that delivers 30 percent louder sound than an uncased iPhone. An instant mute switch will mute or unmute the iPhone and both are MagSafe and QI wireless charging compatible.

Catalyst is also bringing back the Glow in the Dark Influence case for the 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max, first featured 11 years ago with the iPhone 4. Catalyst also has new ultra-thin, shatter- and scratch-resistant, and tempered glass screen protectors for all four sizes of the iPhone 13. 

Case-Mate’s new iPhone 13 collection includes their first-ever Apple AirTags dog collar holder. AirTags are small items available from Apple that keep track of what they are attached to. This can be a computer bag, smartphone or your puppy. They are able at for $29 each, or 4 for $99.

The Dog Tag collar mount case holds the AirTags comfortably around most dog collars. Using the tag on a pet is a great form of security to know where they are using the Apple Find My app to locate the missing tag and whatever it was attached to. $19.99, available in Lime Green, Glow in the Dark, and Black

Pelican products are as durable as any, created with military specs for any user, including first responders and extreme enthusiasts. The Protector series ($49.99) has a rigid, impact-resistant outer shell combined with a shock-absorbing rubber lining. All this adds up to the perfect case for accidental drops while preserving your phone’s functionality. The lasted in the line has built-in MagSafe technology. 

Rifle Paper’s Garden Party Blue iPhone Case w/ Micropel ($39.99) has a slim profile for its incredible 10-foot drop protection. The Garden Party Blue case with gold foil detailing lets the color of your phone shine through. The design and technology prevent aging and discoloration, resulting in a protected and sharp-looking case. available in Marguerite, Garden Party Blue, Willow

by Michael Phillips

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