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Good hearing is a great thing, and it needs to be protected at times. While we all enjoy head-banging music and other loud environments at times, there are other times when ear protection is welcome.

Minuendo Lossless earplugs is an innovative protection system that is built with the world’s only passive HiFi filter, according to Minuendo.

The non-electronic earplugs’ technology includes a membrane system so the sound doesn’t become muffled, even at the maximum reduction. This is a valuable safety measure for a musician, while attending a concert or air show, working in a loud factory, or other high-volume environments.The earplugs put the volume control directly into your ears anywhere that you can’t control or reduce the sound.

A small sliding lever built into each earplug essentially acts as a volume control. Sliding the lever controls how much sound reaches your ears, making it easy to even increase the volume for a few seconds just to talk to someone. When the conversation is done turn the lever block more sound.

To test the Minuendo Lossless earplugs, I didn’t go to a live show, I just cranked up my home stereo system to insane volume levels. Instantly while adjusting the lever it’s obvious how well they work to reduce the volume but maintain the sound quality at low levels. Obviously, when the volume of a home sound system is too loud, you just turn it down. But when you are in environments where the volume is out of your control, these earplugs give you the control.

Included with Minuendo Lossless earplugs are 11 sets of ear-tips. Often users just use the tips that come on the earbuds. But in this case, getting the right fit is critical. Each set is a different size and shape, offering varying degrees of protection. The included user guide explains each and a cleaning brush is included.

A leash is included to attach the earbuds, and just sits on the back of your neck when the earplugs are in use. A great feature has each earplug is built with a magnetic end, enabling them to attach, keeping them securely around your neck when they are used with the leash.

A zippered hard storage case is included along with a 10 year warranty. $131 

High quality, affordable, and simple to use are what come to mind with the new HP CC200 Citizen Cinema Projector 

The HP projector, which is a licensed HP Inc. brand from GAC Technology Group, recently launched the slick 1080p full-HD projector to use almost anywhere. This includes living rooms, offices, small bedrooms, or a quick setup in man cave with its 5.04-by-5.35-by-8-inches portable size.

An AC power adapter is included; it’s not waterproof but in dry conditions, it will perform great for outdoor movie nights. You can project content on a screen of up to 84.9-inches from as low as 7 feet away. For reference, the specifications say for a 100-inch diagonal screen, place the projector lens 8 to 9-feet from the screen.

Wherever your content originates, tablets, smartphones, streaming players, memory sticks, computers, etc., connects directly to backside HDMI (cable included) ports or a pair of USB-A ports.

A pair of 3W embedded speakers broadcast the sound. A 3.5mm headphone port is an option to directly connect external speakers.

Inside the HP CC200 are a 1.2:1 throw-ratio lens and a LED light source with 200 lumens, which should last 20,000 hours. That’s over 833 days of non-stop watching.  A motorized focus adjustment is controlled by remote control.

Currently, the CC200 is offered in a promotion bundle for $259.99 on, which includes a Roku Express media player and an 84-inch portable screen

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