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Imaging Insider News :: March 3, 2021

Tweet Today’s Imaging Insider News Selected Stories including  :: “DJI Reinvents the Drone Flying Experience with The DJI FPV.” Read More… Read more

GADGETS by Gregg Ellman :: March 3, 2021

Tweet The original Earin’s was the first true wireless earbud I tried way back in 2016. Earin was the first-ever company to launch true wireless, a category that was new to everyone. True wireless uses no cables, wires, or... Read more

GADGETS by Gregg Ellman :: February 10, 2021

Tweet In this issue :: Petcube Cam and a Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor. Scosche, a leading innovator of consumer electronic technology products, has  announced the Rhythm + 2.0 Bluetooth armband heart rate monitor to supply critical heart rate data.... Read more

GADGETS by Gregg Ellman :: February 3, 2021

Tweet Wearing a mask in these uncertain times during a global pandemic has become a way of life to prevent exposure to harmful bacteria, viruses, and pollution. It’s no surprise that technology is making its way into the face... Read more

GADGETS by Gregg Ellman :: January 27, 2021

Tweet These days installing a home or small business security system is common, but choosing the right one with the necessary features can be cumbersome. The Ezviz C4W is a good value and is loaded with features to achieve... Read more

GADGETS by Gregg Ellman :: January 20, 2021

Tweet This week: UV sterilizers for smart devices & a great bluetooth speaker. Air fryers were the hot and hip appliance the past few years and still are. But it’s not the most important. The Coral UV sterilizer and... Read more

GADGETS by Gregg Ellman :: January 11, 2021

Tweet Monos’ new powered Kiyo UVC Water Bottle ensures people on the go have clean, purified drinking water. According to Monos, the UVC kills up to 99.9 percent of bacteria and other pathogens lurking inside the water. They also... Read more

GADGETS :: December 30, 2020

Tweet by Gregg Ellman (@greggellman) :: There’s not a whole lot to like about house cleaning and especially vacuuming. That is, unless it’s automated with the new Yeedi K650, pet-and-kid friendly home robot vacuum. Get excited about a robot... Read more

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