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GADGETS by Gregg Ellman :: September 22, 2021

Tweet The iconic Rubik’s Cube drove me nuts during the time I had one. Fast forward a few decades and now I have Heykube, the new generation technology-driven version of the Rubik’s Cube. Much more fun and much less... Read more

GADGETS by Gregg Ellman :: March 24, 2021

Tweet We all forget passwords, combinations and even misplace our keys With new portable locks from BenjiLock, a combination, password, or key is not needed. Instead, all you need is a fingerprint.  The BenjiLock By Hampton Fingerprint Sport Lock... Read more

HYPER® Introduces New HyperDrive® VIPER 10-in-2 Dual Video USB-C Hub for MacBook Pro/Air

Tweet First-of-its-kind 10-port USB-C Hub with Built-in Dual USB-C Cables, Supports Dual 4K60Hz Video Output from MacBook Pro/Air. Also Works as a 9-in-1 Single Video Output USB-C Hub on any other USB-C device Monday, October 5, 2020 – FREMONT, California: HYPER® by... Read more

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