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Sparta, NJ – December 1, 2021 – A new study from Rise Above Research finds that an average of 70% of buyers of photo merchandise products plan to buy again in the next year. This demonstrates the staying power and resiliency of the photo merchandise market even as it has matured and shows that most consumers still value printed photo products.

Examining the five of the main product categories covered in the survey reveals that most of the future buyers also expect to spend more. For example, 46% of those who plan to buy photo cards again indicated that they would spend more next time, and the same is true for 56% of photo book buyers. This is especially impressive considering the economic uncertainty and inflation worries that have been prevalent in the US economy over the last few months.

“The photo merchandise market continues to be strong, with an encouraging outlook for the future,” said David Haueter, director and founder at Rise Above Research. “Our research has shown that many consumers still value printed photos across multiple product types,” he added.

The study also found that a significant percentage of those who haven’t bought a photo merchandise product in the past year are planning to buy in the coming year, and for many of those who purchased an item it was their first time buying it.

The 2021 US Photo Merchandise Study provides the results of an extensive online survey of US consumers that focuses on buying habits and behaviors for key product areas including photo cards, photo books, photo calendars, photo wall/tabletop décor, and drinkware. Respondents provided detailed information not only on what they bought and how much they spent, but also answered deeper questions of why they purchased the products they did and what their future intentions are. Non-buyers were also questioned about why they haven’t bought and future purchase intentions.

For more information or to purchase this study, visit or contact: [email protected].

About Rise Above Research, LLC

Rise Above Research, LLC is an independent market intelligence and strategic consulting firm that supports industry vendors, service providers, and retailers with actionable intelligence to assist them in making effective decisions in fast-paced digital photography and imaging markets. Established in 2020, Rise Above Research has extensive experience providing groundbreaking market research and strategic consulting for the digital imaging industry. We have over 20 years of research experience within the photo merchandise, photo printing and digital photography markets.

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