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Affinity store takes 30% off everything for Black Friday 2021 Including Affinity Photo

Tweet Serif is cutting the price of everything in the Affinity store from Monday 22 November. Prices of Affinity Photo, Designer and Publisher for Mac, Windows PC and iPad will be reduced by 30%, along with creative content packs... Read more

GADGETS by Gregg Ellman :: November 10, 2021

Tweet iHome’s Beauty Glow Ring XL oversized rechargeable vanity speaker mirror is a thing of beauty and assists in getting people made up for the day. The vanitytop mirror is an oversized 13-inch home beauty ring, loaded with technology... Read more

Grab Your Gear – November 2021

Tweet The Proscenic A9 Air Purifier is one of those appliances you don’t think you need, but you do. Having clean, filtered, and allergy-free air is nothing but a good thing. The A9 is built with multiple filtration systems... Read more

GADGETS by Gregg Ellman :: November 3, 2021

Tweet Good hearing is a great thing, and it needs to be protected at times. While we all enjoy head-banging music and other loud environments at times, there are other times when ear protection is welcome. Minuendo Lossless earplugs... Read more

GADGETS by Gregg Ellman :: October 27, 2021

Tweet Breaker 1-9. It’s a cliche but I had to say it after using the Cobra HH50 (HH50WXST) handheld CB radio, which was my first CB radio usage in quite some time. While cellular technology has made CB radios... Read more

GADGETS with Gregg Ellman :: October 20, 2021

Tweet Smartphones and tables are made to turn off when they are too hot or too cold. This is designed to protect the phone, despite it typically being inconvenient. Phoozy smartphone Apollo cases are promoted as Spacesuit technology for... Read more

OWC Announces Ideal Storage and Connectivity Solutions For New Apple MacBook Pro with M1 Pro and M1 Max

Tweet Expand your storage and connectivity capabilities with a wide range of products from OWC OWC®, the premier zero-emissions Mac and PC technology company, and a respected provider of Memory, External Drives, SSDs, Mac & PC docking solutions, and performance upgrade kits, announces innovative storage... Read more

Epson and Usain Bolt Sign EMEAR Partnership to Promote Cartridge-free Printing

Tweet – TOKYO, Japan, October 14, 2021 – Epson has announced an EMEAR wide partnership with Usain Bolt, the world’s fastest man. Eight-time Olympic gold medallist, and widely considered to be the greatest sprinter of all time, Usain will... Read more

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